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"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." Psalm 26:7 KJV

Illinois Lutheran Conference Journal

    The official publication of the Illinois Lutheran Conference, published from Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin. The ILC Journal contains news and notes from the congregations and the conference, and also timely sermons and articles on various topics. --- (subscription) (back issues available)


  • A parallel comparison of 70 Bible verses as found in several different Bible versions. 100 page booklet. Researched and prepared by the dearly departed Pastor Richard W. Shekner with Pastor Wayne A. Popp. 1982 --- (classic volume reprinted)

Supplemental comparison booklets

  • Parallel comparisons of recently released Bible versions. (3 booklets)
      • The ESV compared to the faithful King James Version
      • The TNIV compared to the faithful King James Version
      • THE MESSAGE compared to the faithful King James Version

The Illinois Lutheran Conference Constitution and Bylaws

    • The official stand of the ILC.


    We also have some tracts on various timely subjects. If you would like a list of these tract titles and/or any of the above publications, please send your name, address (and a friendly "Hello" wouldn't hurt) to:
            Nato Popp / ILC Secretary


We reserve the right to limit quantities.

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